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Get Out Of Your Head, Listen To The Music

Over the last few days, I have had many conversations about music. Either at work or with friends, with clients, or whomever. Music is a big passion of mine. I can't even back out of my driveway without a song on. Music propels my day, my mood, and ultimately my workouts. When someone asks what I listen to, it's such a hard question to answer. Who I am listening to, really depends on what I'm doing. Music isn't just entertainment to me like it is for many people. I have fallen into trends and such, just like every other music listener, but those people have never give me anything lasting. Music is like food. The brothy stuff doesn't do anything for me.

For working out, my playlist varies for the workout. For circuit training and running, I like something I can sing along to. When I'm able to sing along while on the TRX or running the last few minutes, the song makes it so much easier to make it through. I also like the same list when I'm kickboxing. I know the beat, so it keeps me going.

Here's a sample playlist: Circuit Training and Running

1. "Ocean Ave" -Yellowcard

2. "Doorbell"-The White Stripes

3. "Mirrors"-Justin Timberlake

4. "The Pretender"-Foo Fighters

5. "Ain't Nothin' But A G Thang"-Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

6. "Semi-Charmed Life"- Third Eye Blind

7. "Jesus Of Suburbia"-Green Day

8. "Even Flow"-Pearl Jam

9. "Good Day"-Nappy Roots

10. "Buggin Out"-A Tribe Called Quest

11. "Ruby Soho"-Rancid

12. "Teenagers"-My Chemical Romance

13. "Beating Hearts Baby"- Head Automatica

14. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"-Jet

15. "Bandages"- Hot Hot Heat

Now, for weightlifting, yoga, or that kind of deal, I like something more laid back. I do like to sing along (not out loud, mind you), but I need something that keeps my timing slow. Lifting and stretching are not about speed..they're about going through the movement and standing strong.

Here's a sample playlist.

1. "Chicago, City of Shoulders"- Andy Davis

2. "Nothing At All"- Madi Diaz

3. "Somebody New"-Matt Wertz

4. "Hank"-Ben Rector

5. "Burn One Down"- Ben Harper

6. "Valerie"-Amy Winehouse

7. "Piece of My Heart"-Janis Joplin

8. "All Cried Out"-JIll Scott

9. " Best Thing I Never Had"-Beyonce

10. "Be Somebody"-Kings of Leon

11. "Repo Man" -Ray LaMontagne

12. "Better Man"- Pearl Jam

13. "You and Your Heart"-Jack Johnson

14. "Let It Be"-The Beatles

15. "No Rain"- Blind Melon

I have a play list for just about everything. I even have one for getting ready in the morning. Sometimes I workout to show tunes (if you want that playlist, I'll gladly send it to you). Some people don't need music to workout and I don't quite understand those people. All the songs are available on Spotify or iTunes. If you ask nicely, I will make a cd for you (and maybe throw in a few extra songs).




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