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squad i'm a little late on the lists of 2015. they'll all be done in january...2016 got here really fast. i must have gotten lost in the hustle and transition to cambodia. by the time i knew it, it was christmas.

for your first list, i'm counting down my favourite women of 2015. i spent a lot of time this year trying to make my life better. these women, many of whom i don't know in real life, became the fictitious squad i kept in my brain when things got low. i've usually been the type to have male friends, but as i've gotten older i realise how important it is to have your female tribe.

so let's-a-go!

  1. Nadia Aboulhosn- she's a blogger, designer, model and your ride or die. i follow many plus-size models/bloggers on social media. she's the one that i believe i could be friends with. she has helped me change the way i look at myself as a plus size girl. she gives little eff's about the rest of the world standards, she's going for what's hers and i respect that. nothing holds her back.
  2. The Militant Baker (Jes Baker)- she wrote my favourite book of 2015, things no one will tell fat girls. sweet baby jesus, where was this book when i was a teenager?! it would have changed so much about my life right now, but better late than never right? go buy the book. it's not just geared towards fat girls as the title suggests. i think a lot of females i know can benefit from her words of wisdom. your worth is not determined by your body.
  3. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - i have to say them as a duo, because i think of them as a duo. they remind me of my best friend and me. their banter, their genius humor, and how they showcase that you can be smart, funny, and respected. they've had to fight for that, but it's all worth it. there are few that can send me into the giggle fit that they do. i almost fell off a ladder at work while listening to tina's "bossy pants".
  4. Kate Moore- i actually know kate. she is the owner/trainer of getfit615 in nashville. i started going there after my trainers moved away. i had just about given up on my body. i started to feel uncomfortable going to the gym again; felt like i was getting stared at and judged. her studio felt so relaxing and comfortable. she got me to love working out again. there i felt comfortable to lift more than the guys, run quite a bit slower than everyone, and make fitness my own again. if you're ever in the nashville area, you should check out getfit615.
  5. Carrie Brownstein-another funny lady/musician/actress that i wish was my friend in real life. i was a fan of sleater-kinney when i was in high school. i went through this time where i only listened to female-lead bands and they were among the first. i have followed her career since then, becoming a fan of portlandia and reading her book (which is another favourite of 2015).

there you have it. my five (technically six) favourite people of 2015. i have already started my list for 2016. there are so many powerful, encouraging females out there, getting stuff done.



land of make believe, that don't believe in me

so this is the new year