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making space

i think whenever you start something, anything, you have to be fully invested and have some clue about where you’re headed when you do that. that was where I went wrong. actually, I think I went wrong in a lot of places…And that’s our story for today. back in 2008/2009, i went to India for the first time. in the summer of 2009, i went back to india, by myself (don't ever do that). when i came back, some people i knew had a non-profit that sold t-shirts for other non-profits. we teamed up and made a shirt to help the kids out that i had worked with while i was there. my friend kris (who had also gone to india with me the first time) designed the shirt, and Resc\You was born.  that’s a very short version of that story, but you get the point. (and i will talk about india in the next chapters…don’t worry.)


*the name Resc\You came from Kris. he put it on the shirt as part of the design..completely unintentionally. and it stuck. he's brilliant that way. 

anyway, everything basically exploded from there. i was in the local paper, the church paper, my story was in my pastor’s book, i spoke at church twice, yada yada. Resc\you got out of control for me. i tried to reign it in and make it something good and valuable. honestly, i didn’t know where i was headed or what i wanted to do. i was so inspired to do something, india had a profound effect on my life. people wanted to get involved and i wanted to help make a difference. i was hoping to save the kids of the red-light district. i called some people out for becoming the same people they were before taking trips and such. i honestly was trying to raise up an army or something. this crew to take over the world and make it better than what it is right now. there’s this weird want, idea, inside of me that wants everyone in the world to rise up against all the wrong in the world. i mean, what’s wrong with that?

what’s wrong with wanting to make the world better? isn’t that what we’re supposed to do; leave the world better than we found it?

i’m a fairly, okay incredibly, idealistic person. Iim always looking for my next idea and i’m never satisfied with one idea. Resc\You morphed into several things over the last few years since the summer of 2009. when i lost my job in 2012, i thought that was the time Resc\You was going to come to light. i rallied, i planned, i sent 7003134874 emails to my dad and my mentor about things, and then i found another job. Resc\You took another backseat.

over the last few months, after moving to cambodia, and finding out more about how i see my future, i deleted everything to do with Resc\You. the blog, the email, the Facebook’s all gone. i didn’t tell anyone about it (minus my best friend, but she pretty much knows everything). i feel really good about it. i feel like i can move forward onto some other things. the people who find out about Resc\You, find it from the book i was in or from those articles. i can’t move onto something new if i’m holding onto all this old stuff. i found myself having to explain a new vision over and over. i’m trying to live lighter. the future is really bright. i’ve gotten the chance to work internationally now, and i love it. and i’m not stopping here, there’s so much further to go!

there’s a lot of ideas brewing in this brain of mine. Resc\You had it’s time and place, but it was time to let go of it to make space for something else. you have to weed out gardens for seeds to take root and for plants to thrive. i’m just trying to make room for things to grow.

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