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now this is a story about...

this tattoo...

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this tattoo is super special to me.

no, it's not for third man records..or anything jack white related.

this tattoo i got on new years day a few years ago, with the two of the very best in my life.

we like to call ourselves the trio. hence the roman numeral three.

terri, karri, and i have been through a lot together. they are the friends that know me best, we are always there for each other (no matter where in the world we are), and are the ones to let each other know when we are being completely stupid.

karri joined the army a few years ago. deployment was something everyone knew would happen, but never wanted to think about. we had tossed around the idea of getting matching tattoos for awhile and once we knew the karri was going to deploy; we figured what better time.

it's not the best looking tattoo. the guy who did it wasn't really good at his job, however the meaning is still the same. it's a constant reminder that no matter how hard/crazy/whatever life gets, the three of us have each other's backs. always.

the trio still lives.

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