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open hands

by Hannah Elaine Photography

i've been back about two weeks now. the one phrase i hate the most is "welcome home". i've lived in so many different places, that home isn't a place. i know they mean well when they say it, and i'm just being grumpy. i feel a lot of pressure on some ends to transition back into "normal" and at the same time, i feel like i have a lot of space to do whatever i want to do. 

i don't feel settled on the idea of a checklist life. i know that there are people who think that going to cambodia was me sowing some wild oats kind of thing, and it wasn't at all. it was part of the progression of my career. being from the south and part of the church, i think that there is this idea that women are supposed to be the ones who set their life aside for family and forgo the career. but for me, that's never been an option. i feel like i have so much more momentum now to go for the BIG things i want, and it's the best time to go for them. i like that i have the options, because i'm allowing myself to have them. i don't feel limited by my age, gender, means, or anything. i am limitless. 

one thing that i have learned, and i know that i have said this before, but i'm the only one the limited me. so i am opening up my hands to whatever opportunity that comes my way.  i'm excited about the future. it's terrifying. it's uncertain. but it's grand. the details are really fuzzy and it's going to take a lot of effort. i'm not 100% sure what the next step is either. when doors open, i'll walk through them. who knows where i'll end up next? 


in my weakness, i am strong

last day behind the desk-goodbye, cambodia