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measure a year

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oh man, i'm way late on this. no excuses, just doing some other things and not prioritizing. 

anyway, it's been just over a year since i moved back. time goes so fast, it feels like i just got home.  i've been thinking about this entry for a while, about how i would sum up the last year. a couple weekends ago, i talked to talk to a friend still in cambodia, and i got to thinking about what has drastically changed for me...and what's really the same. 

one of the biggest takeaways that i have is that i have a seat at the table that i've been working to get for years. and learning my voice at the table has been quite the experience of the last year. i'm learning who i am as a leader, and who i am now as a person. finding the confidence to speak up now, has been a learning curve for me. i'm used to being a background kind of person. 

everything else has been a pretty easy transition. i joined gyms, i got a house, i go back and forth to work, i see my friends, and my family. totally normal things. i appreciate weather changes, how mild our summer really is, traffic jams, and how easy it is for me to get myself from place to place. 

making a life back in kentucky was never on my radar, but it's working right now and i like where it's headed. the lesson that i have learned the easiest is to just let things happen the way they naturally would. when you get a chance to do something big, take it. because that chance can change the course of your life. you also have to learn that you won't have a ton of support in everything, and some decisions will feel lonely. that's okay. people come around. and the ones that don't, you learned to live with that. 

life comes with incredible joys and triumphs, but sadness too. i miss cambodia on a daily basis. i miss my friends there. i miss my community there. looking back on the last year, i left at just the right time. things end when they're good, without explanation. but something good will be waiting on the other side of that. and things are really good. 


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