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let's give them something to talk about

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a bit, and I figure now is a greater time than ever.

I want to talk about rape culture.

Yeah, this monstrous phenomena that we are wading in right now. We could be at a watershed moment culturally, and I want to have a very open and honest discussion about rape culture, sexual assault, and how we are treating each other.

Rape Culture exists everywhere. I want to talk about it as it pertains to media, the Church, different communities. Anywhere and everywhere. I just need people to sit down, and be willing to learn, willing to discuss. 

Since the #metoo campaign spread, and the uprising of women (primarily) not being silent anymore about their experiences, we can’t continue to ignore what is happening around our communities.

So let’s talk about it. In a very real and honest way; let’s call each other into the discussion, talk openly about what’s going on. Let’s create some system and culture change, so that we don’t have to say “me too” anymore. I firmly believe that we can move towards change. One of the first things we need to recognize is that there needs to be a shift in how we work together, how we talk about sex, and how we treat each other. 

I'm very excited to open up this discussion. Let's see where this goes. 

so this is the new year