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when life ends

last entry, i talked about how the sentiment i get sometimes is that life begins at motherhood/wifehood. today, i want to talk about the opposite; the sentiment that life is over once you become a wife or mother. 

when i announced at my last american job that i was leaving because i had gotten the chance to go to cambodia, a woman that i worked with said that it was good i was going now, because once i get married and have children, the opportunity won't be there anymore. my heart hurt for her. i know that she was capable of doing so much more than the place we were and i hate that we limit women to what our bodies are able to do (or not do). 

we are given one life. one batch of moments, talents, abilities, wishes, and dreams. one chance to do beautiful things.  

so why do we define the timeframe in which we get to do these things?

timelines are never for me. i do things on my own time (minus work things, and that's different). i've always looked at life as one experience after another, and i only get so many chances to do things. sure, there are things that hold/held me back, but it's because i allowed them to do that. there are times that we allowed responsibilities, tasks, daily grinds to dictate who we are as people, how we experience life, and the beautiful things that we get to make. 

time is short. think about it,  it's already august. recognize what you have, the abilities you possess, and do something with them. the time is now, not later. it's not when you lose 10 pounds, or get the guy, or have a certain amount of money. life is happening right now. what's your fight? 


when your life begins....