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letters to my body: thighs

as part of this journey, i’m going to start writing letters to parts of my body that i am supposed to be ashamed of. i’m going to start with my thighs. my legs rarely see daylight outside of my home. home is no pants territory. once i’m stepping over the threshold to the wild wild world, waist to ankle is covered. so here it goes, a love letter to my thighs.


dear thighs,

i’m sorry that i was ashamed of you.
that i hid you from light and things.
i’m sorry that i ignore your strength.
the amount of endurance you acquire,
the determination you have,
to get stronger.
i love how you take up space,
you make your presence known.
that you never say you’re sorry.
you belt operas.
even out of tune.
you don’t care if you know the words,
you’re proud of what’s inside you.
you know where you’re headed,
and what it takes to get there.
you say “more”
and “please”,
one more rep,
one more mile.
you’re not silenced,
despite the bruises and scrapes.
you have felt fear
and great love.
this is your body
this is ours.

love, amos

wearing things that scare me