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Let's Weigh-In





This has been an incredible week. I have made it through a week of being vegan and I feel incredible. My workouts feel like they're better, I feel faster and stronger. I am sleeping so well and I have energy ALL DAY!. After this detox is over, I'm definitely sticking to it.

Being vegan hasn't been extremely difficult. The worst part has been having only water. A couple days this week, I would have killed for a Diet Coke. I got over though. Quickly.

I got my letter from Vandy that told me I wasn't accepted into the PhD program. I put on a brave face. I'm really bummed. I'm left with the "now what?". I do like my current job, but I know I will not be there forever. I'm not a office-sit-on-the-couch-draw-me-a-picture therapist. When I got my masters, that's not what I envisioned myself being, I knew I'd be different. I know that some people like that and we need therapists like that. There are tons of problems with public and community health, but I'm not passionate enough about it to fix it. I'm an activist with a strong therapeutic background and I want to see change. I feel pulled in several different directions. I have to figure this out.

This week has left me in an identity crisis. Realizing that my 30th birthday is 8 months away, and I am no where near where I should be or where I thought I would be. I know that I'll get there. The journey is the greatest part.


Detox is over...Moving on.

if you never fail, you never know success..or appreciate it.