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Detox is over...Moving on.


So Terri and I finished the detox. I'm going to keep up being vegan for 75-80% of my diet, definitely staying vegetarian and gluten free. I feel amazing and have a lot more energy.

I have a new outlook on food. I don't rely on it as much as I used to, I look to food as something I need for fuel, not comfort or friend. Unfortunately, I haven't been eating enough lately and myfitnesspal is yelling at me everyday about the dangers of starvation mode.

In good news, I'm down 11 pounds from the detox. The photo above is from a six week span. I can tell a major difference in myself, as well as my clothing and stamina. I've continued doing multiple hotbox classes a week, as many 2.0 classes as I can get in there. I'm going to start running a lot more and strength training. Spring Break is next week and I'm planning to start then.

In other news, things are going pretty well. My new job is pretty great. I'm building some relationships with the staff and my clients. The previous two people that had my position....sucked. So I have a lot of ground to cover. It's happening though. I have to be "the boss", which is new territory for me. I know a lot of you know me as being quite blunt and's a lot harder to do as a manager. If I hear someone say "But You're the master's level person" one more time I may scream. My old job offered me my job back, and I actually thought about it..I turned it down. My new schedule is toooooooo good to leave.

So excited to see what's to come.

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