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I Like Everything-Part One

A couple weeks ago, at a work event, I was talking to a coworker about the theatre. After recently becoming very enthralled with it again. I was spouting off facts like a college professor. She laugh at my ability to retain all this information and actually care about it. When I become interested in something, I like to know everything about it. Yes, sometimes it can sound really obsessive, but I like to refer to it as incredibly interested. I don't become obsessed with people, even though I am pretty keen on John Gallagher Jr. these days, usually a subject matter. Like theatre, in this case. 

This sent me, somehow, into thinking I must have aspergers. Why? Not really sure. That's a completely different story all together. 

I've had this pattern my entire life. In all honesty, I like everything. I'll try anything twice, though my interests tend to be on the right brain side of life. Shortly after my theatre rant, I ordered about 20 books from the library. All about punk music history, monologues and theatre history.The librarian asked if I was a teacher, and I said "No, I'm an educated citizen". She laughed in my face. So yes, I'm a 30 (ish) year old women, getting 20 some odd books on a Friday night. Don't judge me. I've already read 1/2 of them. 

I really do miss the stage. Even though I wasn't very good at acting when I started my degree in it. I think I'm much more aware that people aren't really paying attention to you, but to the character that you are playing. I got too wrapped up in who Amos was and not the script. I guess age helps with that, learning from the world and just growing. I'm going to take some theatre classes and voice lessons again. Don't worry, I'm not giving up career goals or anything. I'm just wanting to do something fun, instead of just researching it all the time. 

I do like everything. I like to participate in life. 

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