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T-Minus 64 Days

Sometimes I have a crisis. I try to keep my life low stress, and tend not to freak out about stuff. However, occasionally (and lately) I've had minor freak-outs over turning 30. Sometimes it happens when I'm driving home from work, or while I'm trying to fall asleep at night. Wherever it happens, it happens. I'm not really "scared" of being older. 95% of the time I look at turning 30 as an opportunity to get a clean slate. I don't have to keep reworking the scraps from mistakes of my teens and twenties. I get new pieces and to work a new puzzle. ( I really reached for every metaphorical language I could there.)

The last, and I hope it's actually the last, was at work yesterday. I took 15 minutes away from my work to breath and take myself out of my head. I have tons of dreams and passions in life. So I discovered in an internet search, a few people who didn't make it until after turning 30.

Here's what I found:

1. Sylvester Stallone-Rocky was released when he was 30. He was offered $35,000 to film.

2. Martha Stewart- She was a stockbroker until her and her husband bought and restored a farmhouse. She didn't become who she is today until she was in her 30 (a lady never gives her true age).

3. Harrison Ford- He didn't do Star Wars until he was 35. Before that, he was a carpenter.

4. Julia Child- She was an advertising exec and a CIA agent. She didn't start cooking until she was 36.

5. Jesus- He didn't begin performing miracles until he was 30.

As I look at it, I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do. I have so many passions and interests to be fulfilled. 30 isn't the end of anything, many things in life take time.

Now to remember that mantra when I see the countdown on my phone.

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