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Go Shawty, It's My Birthday


in 26 hours and 57 minutes (counting down to the actual time i was born), i will be the big 3-0. thirty. thirrrrrty. i know i've talked about it a couple times, in every blog that i write for, and no major breakdowns. okay, there was one. just one and i was okay.

my twenties have been nothing short of a roller-coaster. complete with bad photos of my screaming face at some twists and turns. those photos have been locked up in fort knox or destroyed.

instead of writing out details and only highlighting a few events, i thought i'd list. here's everything that i can remember, or want to admit to, that occurred in my twenties.

  • i lived in illinois
  • i lived in england
  • i got a tattoo
  • i had 8 different hair colors (blue-brown-black-pink-purple-black-red-brown)
  • i had 3 different facial piercings (eyebrow, lip, nose and my nose got pulled out of my face)
  • i was followed by the cops in my car--a couple times
  • i shut down a small town in il because i ran over a gas line
  • i make up designed a show
  • i make up and costume designed a short film
  • i changed majors halfway between my college career
  • i took a ton of band photos
  • i went to a lot of shows (pedro the lion, the avett brothers, mumford and sons, something corporate, the format, bastian, encounter, five iron frenzy, the insyders, mae, the used, 30 seconds to mars, jimmy eat world, evergreen terrace, norma jean, emery, troubled hubble, the felix cupla, gym class heroes, dave matthews band, blink 182, green day, saves the day, copeland, anberlin, dennison witmer, good charlotte, new found glory, fear before the march of flames, secretary, and too many more that i can't recall)
  • i graduated with my BFA from millikin
  • my maternal grandparents died
  • i started training in Muay Thai with eric haycraft
  • i lost a lot of weight
  • got my first niece
  • went to india, discovered what i'm passionate about
  • started resc\you
  • went to nyc with my best friends
  • i went to sooooooo many gavin degraw concerts in a six month time span
  • i started and finished graduate school at UofL
  • i moved to nashville
  • got a second niece
  • went to more shows
  • saw jack white, live in person be brilliant
  • joined hotbox
  • made new friends
  • had many adventures with my best friend
  • lost my paternal grandmother
  • worked at three different places
  • got fired
  • started resc\you back up, because i was ready
  • saw the bear,s live in person, dominate the titans
  • learned how awesome my community and my family really is
  • i know thats only a fraction of everything that happened in 10 years. i'm really happy to see what the next ten years brings. now off to enjoy the last 26 hours and 2 minutes.


    peace, amos

    she's got freedom in the 21st century

    Mixtape #1