Based in louisville, kentucky, "hi my name is amos", is a blog and youtube channel about mental health, body image, and managing life. 

she's got freedom in the 21st century

so 30 came and went. thanksgiving came and went. now we're almost at christmas. just a few days away. crazy town. not a ton has happened in these parts. i'm still looking for work. i haven't had a ton of luck, but i'm hoping for a turn around in 2013.  i'm optimistic that something will happen and will be amazing. some days i worry, other days i'm ok. i am making steps in resc\you becoming an actual thing. for real. most of you that read this were there in 2009 when it all started and have heard the reasons why it didn't get off the ground then. i am fairly optimistic that in 2013, resc\you is going to be my turn around.


I'm excited to see what happens. i made some business cards because vistaprint was having a deal. i felt as thought it was a sign to go ahead. this way i have them when i start meeting with people. i've been applying for grants that i'm eligible for without my 501(c)3 status. i'm working on my five year plan and a business plan. i'm constantly working for someone that doesn't have a job. so here's to 2013. i'm blessed to have the people in my life that i do, that have hooked me up with some contacts. networking is very new to me, and i don't want to feel like i'm abusing relationships. however, most of my networking has happened without me knowing it.

the future is bright yall.

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