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Two down, Two to go

Now that the first two weeks are over, I feel like I've finally gotten a hold of things. I got measured, and I'm down "significantly" (whatever that means, thanks Trace). It's hard not to weigh myself and I try not to get distracted by numbers. photo 1-1


I feel really good. For the first time, in a long time, I feel a difference in my body. I'm not tugging at my clothing all day, I can see a shape; other than round. I have tons of energy, now. The first week was tough. I think a lot clearer, my moods are better. I don't find myself daydreaming as much. I feel like I'm a better therapist, because I'm not thinking of the next thing I have to do. I'm much more patient with my clients. I'm getting much better sleep. I still have problems getting to sleep, because for some reason my imagination turns on when I lay down.

I'm enjoying how much better food tastes and playing in the kitchen.

photo 2-1 photo 2 photo 5 photo-73

photo 4


I've always loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I've blamed being busy or tired to throw together some mediocre meal. The whole30 requires a lot of planning and thought. My grocery run takes a lot longer than it used to, because I'm reading every label. Some of my beloved sauces (sriacha and mustard) are out of the question during this 30 day trial. Considering how I'm feeling, I don't mind too much.  I've gotten to use a bunch of spices, which I love, and mix flavors. The greatest part of this challenge, is the community that is doing this along with me. We trade recipes, cravings, and give each other support. That has really made all the difference.

I made bacon for the first time since my grandmother passed in 2011. I cried at the stove. It's a smell and a food that I only associate with her.  Even though, I'm having the uncured-nosugar bacon that she didn't make. She was such an amazing cook. I loved being in the kitchen with her. She made everything with love.

photo 3


The downfalls of the whole30:

-Breakouts: I had some major ones the first week. I thought I was going through puberty again. Masks are your BFF

-A lot of water: I'd kill for something other than water and black coffee to drink.

-Your friends aren't all doing the whole30. So they'll eat pizza, ice cream, and cookies in front of you.

The great thing about this "challenge" is that it's a lifestyle change, not a diet. This is something I can easily stick to forever. It's easy to continue this past 30 days. I've already decided that I'm going to anyway....but I will have ice cream and chocolate. :)

Whole30 Completed.

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