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Whole30 Completed.

Last Friday was the end of the Whole30 challenge.  I lost 4 inches in my waist, and an inch or so everywhere else. I am super pleased with the results. I had pizza and frozen yogurt over the weekend. Turns out, my body doesn't want that anymore. I don't want that anymore, either. Once Monday rolled around, I was back to my "whole30"ish diet. And I feel great. I think that's what it was all about in the first place. It wasn't about a "diet" or something like that. 1380357_780331517708_1773362951_n


I read on Facebook the other day that the secret to losing weight is to "eat less and move more". Logically, yes that's true. And Facebook says it's true, so it must be (I'm totally kidding).  What I hate about that statement is that it's not the truth. People believe that overweight people are lazy and eat poorly. I don't sit on my couch all day and eat Big Macs. I have never even had a Big Mac. I workout, hard, daily. So do many other people I know who are overweight and trying to lose. I struggle with what to eat at times, and some times I struggle eating...period. I fell into the lie that said "eat less, move more". I've struggled every day for nearly eight years now to get to a healthy, and socially acceptable, weight.  I think the biggest thing that I struggle with, weight wise, is that I'm flawed because I'm overweight. The number on the scale doesn't define who I am, even though sometimes I don't believe that. There is not a magic secret to losing weight. I wish there was, my goodness I wish there was. You have to put in work. You have to eat right.

The Whole30 taught me to be more aware of what I eat, why I eat, and what fuels my body. I eat to fuel my activity, not any emotions, or boredom. I learned that I enjoy the kitchen and I don't have to be so worried about food. Just eat real food, normal portions, and provide what my body needs. I had better energy, I slept better, I've been able to concentrate more during my sessions with clients, I feel better, emotionally and physically.  That's really the secret to losing weight. Once you get to a place where you feel good about who you are and have a goal in mind, you'll get there. You can't let slow progress, or little progress, get you down. It's progress.

It has taken me months, years, to learn this. I know it's been a headache for the people I workout with and for my trainer. It's a process and you have to trust it.

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