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Out With The Old

Wow. 2014 is definitely beginning full force. I've already overbooked myself..and it's only the 5th. That's okay though. Everything that is happening, is good. 2014 is going to be better than 2013. I know I say that every year, but this time, this time it's real.

First things first: I bought a house.


It's crazy how it all came together. But that beauty is all mine. Making some minor changes, and I've already started painting!


So far only the living room/dining room is complete, my schedule is kind of getting in the way of getting the paint up faster. Now also lies the task of furnishing and decorating, which is the most exciting.

In the beginning of this process, I was really worried that buying a house might hold me back. Really, it provides me with a home base. I can still travel and make a difference. Having my own place gives me a place to pour into other peoples lives by having a community group, parties, and all those things. Most importantly, it gives me a place to create and rest. I'm excited about so many things in 2014, that I will cherish having this haven.

With the new year comes tons of resolutions. I make them every year, and I rarely keep them. I wanted to do 2014 very differently than before. I have all the things is place to make 2014 great. A great job, some exciting opportunities, a great mentor, incredibly  wonderful friends, and a great trainer. I have nothing but great things ahead.

On 11/21/2014, I'll turn 32. My friend made a "32 in 32" list, so I decided to copy her. Here's my list.

1. Run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon: I ran it in 2009 and 2010. I "took a break"...I basicially stopped running.

2. Buy a leather jacket and boots that go to my knees. Don't hate, I've always wanted them.

3. Go on another long-term mission trip.:I haven't been to India since 2009. I miss that.

4. Read more, at least 2 books a month. 

5. Go to therapy.: I need to figure out better ways of dealing with frustrations and improve my body image issues.

6. Audition for a show: I really miss theater.

7. Really learn guitar: I can fake my way thru songs, but I want to be good at guitar. I haven't played since I moved.

8. Learn to play bass. 

9. Make my own clothes.

10. Go on a date.: I haven't been on one in years. I'm pretty fantastic, dudes should know. Step up, fellas.

11. Join a dance class. 

12. Learn another language. 

13. Take ASL classes to revamp my skills. 

14. Become a mentor. 

15. Plant a garden. 

16. Take more photos

17. Make more art.

18. Get another tattoo.: sorry mom.

19. Write. Blog once a week. 

20. Start Rescyou

21. Be more intentional with my relationships.: Which means being more transparent.

22. Go camping.

23. Learn to Rock Climb

24. Learn BJJ.

25. Write more letters.

26. Work out everyday.: #365daysoffitness you'll see that on my instagram.

27. Donate to charity, tithe at church

28. Visit a friend in another state.

29. Journal at least once a week.

30. Run the tomato 5k

31. Learn Calligraphy

32. Join a yoga studio. 

Here's to 2014. I'm excited.

Transfer or Transform

I may be old, but at least I'm not like all those other old guys...