Based in louisville, kentucky, "hi my name is amos", is a blog and youtube channel about mental health, body image, and managing life. 

shake the dust.

time isn't quite on my side for writing this blog. don't worry, i'm not quitting. i need to make a better effort at organizing my time. i renovated, which is FINALLY over. i have a kitchen. i went three months without a kitchen. i'm hoping now i can save money, because having to grocery shop several times a day killed my monthly budget. it's also incredibly exciting to be cooking again, knowing exactly what's going into my body. this week alone, i have felt much more healthy, just from being able to cook.

for those of you who may be new readers, or just new to me, probably know nothing about rescyou. a few weeks ago, i went to minneapolis for a human trafficking conference and to meet people who found out about me (story later...hold on just a sec). traveling is always an adverture for me. it's either sprints thru the airport to catch connecting flights, lost luggage, flying across a country to find said luggage, flying with 50 screaming babies to Orlando, i can go on.

every time i travel for anything rescyou related, it's painful. this time was no different. i get to the airport in nashville at 5am. i get to my gate and my flight is already delayed. then canceled. i was moved to a flight at 8. when i get to minneapolis, my connecting flight had JUST taken off. so i'm nervous. after going from gate to gate to gate on standby, i figure out that i'm not the only one who (frankly) got screwed. so we rally. long story short, i make it to minneapolis at 2:30am on 4/5/14. i was supposed to be there at 10am 4/4/14. i flew from nashville to chicago to orlando to minneapolis. only miss one dinner meeting and lose about 1/2 of my sanity.

rescyou is an organization that i started in 2009/10 when i returned from india. my friend, kris, designed some awesome tshirts and we made some $$ to send some kids who live in the red light district to school. i always knew that i would do more with it, but every time i tried, it just didn't fit. obviously, it needed to mature, in me. i had a lot of learn. i continue to have a lot to learn. i had to let go of a lot of anger, and a lot of self doubt. i had to learn a lot.

i know that this has nothing to really do with weight loss, but this blog is more than just that journey. it's really about everything. this is something on my heart and really plays into everything that i do. things are happening, faster than i had expected. in this time as everything gets underway, i'm going to learn and grow and change a lot. i feel like i am in a space now, have a much better idea of who supports me and who doesn't, and have a clearer mindset of how i want people to know what rescyou is all about.

and the living is easy

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