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no apologies

i haven't written in quite awhile. this time of year is always really busy for every one. especially for me. november has come and gone right before my eyes. work isn't going well, but hopefully by the end of december i will be saying something very different. this month though, i turned 32. i posted a list a while back with 32 things i wanted to do this year. i looked back over it and i didn't do much of any of them. i've started another list. most of the same things. i'm going to keep it private though, because i feel like i need to keep it close to the heart.

i can tell you this though. i've read many articles, been in many conversations, saw many news stories, about fat-shaming, thin-shaming, all in all women shaming. facts are facts, feminism is hurting right now, because women are making a mess of it. the biggest enemy that women have is other women. i am guilty of this too, so i'm not pointing fingers.


so last week when I turned 32, i decided that i'm not going to apologize for my body anymore. i am working on the parts that i want to change, both emotionally, mentally, and physically. However, what people think about it aren't going to influence me anymore as much as I can control. the less power i give other people, the less control i give the crippling thoughts that follow. i know that i am flawed. but they're are really good things that happen. instead of tearing people apart, let's remember that  this is a person that is fighting a battle. one maybe similar to yours. scales don't define you. the measurement of your waist, or hips, or biceps don't either. who you are and what you're about is what matters. remember that, and remember that in others.

do over

seize the day, boys