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story i have an incredibly hard time when people say i'm their hero. i haven't done anything heroic. i haven't fought a major disease, or fought in a war. i haven't risked my life for anything. when it's said to me, i get this queasy feeling and i just want to sink into a hole.

the thing is, i'm not a hero. i'm just living. i choose bravery every day. i trust my instincts and that God is going to carry me thru whatever happens. i choose to not let fear and insecurity stop me from making a decision and from moving forward. that's being human, not heroic. now or never, you know what i mean? the way i live is not a hero's journey.

whenever i've had to make a big decision, my dad would always say, "if you get to my age and hadn't taken this opportunity, would you regret it? don't be old and wish you had tried." i have done what most people would have done if given the opportunity. i'm not just talking about a move to cambodia, i'm talking about my entire life. but yes, the move to cambodia has been a pretty big deal. and it should be. i have a pretty strong feeling that this is going to turn my life in a completely different and incredible direction.

life is about living a good story. my story is just as much for me to remember as it is for it to live on in someone else. the life i live, the choices i make are for me, but i live in hopes that pieces of it are left with the people who flow in and out of my life. that is certainly true for the people who have flowed in and out of my life. pieces of who they are have attached to me, for good or for bad. they have definitely made my life different than it was before they were in it.

i want to save heroship (is that even a word, it is now) for those who have really done something to deserve it. just live life, your days are numbered, no one is getting out of this alive. take chances and fall and try again. live a good story, live truth, live love.  take all the chances you can. they might end up being bad choices, but you would never know if you didn't try.

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