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mountains to move

2 I wanted to take a day before I wrote anything about this. And I am well aware that I am going to offend some people with what I’m about to say, and I hope that leads us to a conversation.

My black friends, I’m here with you. I’m here to stand with you and help you get your story heard. I will fight for you to have the same opportunities that humans deserve. I will step up with you, so you can live without fear.

My law enforcement friends, I know that you are good. The actions of the few are not the reflection of the many. I support you.

I am afraid of what our world has become. The mounting hate is just becoming so much for me to handle. Being halfway around the world, news gets to me a little slower and after hearing about the shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and also Texas, my heart just sank. Have we not learned anything at all?

I am not ignorant to racism. Not only am I American, but I grew up in the south. I remember the words people would use. Luckily, my family didn’t raise me to fear people who are different than me. By no means was I raised “colorblind”, but I was raised to appreciate how different everyone was made. That’s why it hurts so badly to hear what’s going on in my country.

We can no longer be ignorant to hate. We can no longer pretend that these are isolated incidences. We just can’t.

Our worth, as humans, isn’t based on our color, who we love, or even who we worship. It’s so much bigger than that. We can post things online, we can even pray, but all of that is for nothing, if we don’t actually DO something.

Action is hard. Talking about change is easy. We can talk about how we hate things. We can hide behind computer screens and mobile devices, shouting how it’s unfair. But I’m here today to challenge you are to move mountains. Changing the world is up to us. I’m here with you to do this, I’m tired of spouting off in blogs in hopes it inspires someone to make a move.  It’s going to be scary and hard, and we may never see the end result. We have to keep going though, or senseless acts of fear are going to continue.

I don’t want the kids I know, the kids I’ve worked with, my friends and family, even strangers, to continue in this reality. So if it’s change you’re crying for, let’s get moving. I definitely don’t have all the answers or frankly any at all. But I’m not willing to live comfortably in my  privilege, while others can’t.


Some Action Steps:

  1. When you see/hear racist actions, say something. Defend and educate people.
  2. Watch you body language, that black man that is walking behind you, isn't out to get you. He's walking to his destination. Your fear perpetuates the hate.
  3. Educate your family and your friends. Saying "he should stopped" or things like that, perpetuate the problem.
  4. For the love of all things, don't post anything that says #alllivesmatter. Of course they do. #BlackLivesMatter doesn't mean your life DOESN'T. It's a movement showing years of people treating them like their lives don't matter.
  5. Don't just stand by. Apathy is worse than fear.

...i'll be coming home next year...

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