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...i'll be coming home next year...

facebook has that feature that allows you to look back on things that you posted years ago. when I was scrolling through memories this morning, I noticed that a year ago today, I made the announcement that I was moving to Cambodia. a lot has changed in a year, and in the middle of September, I’ll be moving back to the usa. this has been such a crazy year, I have learned so much, personally and professionally. this is an experience I have wanted for a very long time, and I’m glad I landed here when I did. being here has helped me switch gears and learn what I want to chase after. the answer to the question, what comes after this? , is still fuzzy.  I’m keeping my cards close to my chest for this one. I’m excited for what happens next. I couldn’t have asked to work for a better organization, with better people, to learn and to grow onto the next thing. they prepared me for this.

as I write this, I have about 63 days left here. I started packing up things that I don’t use that often, getting rid of clothes that have gotten too big or ruined, and giving away books that I’m not taking back with me. I’ve picked out the places I want to go to before I leave and planned a couple getaways. It’s weird to start to say goodbye to Cambodia.


I’ll be travelling first to Louisville (my hometown) to see my family and then I’ll head to Nashville. I don’t know how long I’m staying in Nashville, I’m going to sell my house and landback in Louisville. However long that process takes, is how long I'll stay around. For me to move onto the next thing, I need to move on from Nashville. I need a clean slate. I haven’t lived in my hometown for almost half my life (minus the two years for grad school). It’s time to go back and figure out this puzzle that I’ve made of my future. I’m applying to UofL for a PhD program as well. And I’d really like to be around my nieces more often. (plus I can’t miss another derby!)

I got to live my dream job for a year, very early in my career. it’s crazy to believe it was real, even as it’s coming to an end. if there’s anything that I can definitely take away from this, it’s that I can achieve whatever I want to. I still have a lot to learn and way more growing to do, and I’m less stunted by the fear that I’m not good enough. I can't shy away from anything, because I'm afraid I have nothing to offer. I have plenty to offer.


I’m ready for a new dream.

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