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Another Damn Cot-An Exercise in Reframing.

When I was 17, I got recommended for a state choir by my choir teacher and we got to go to Europe for a couple weeks for a tour. My parents were super excited, as was I. A few friends from my high school choir got to go, and a bunch of other Kentucky high school students. Unfortunately, European hotel rooms don't have the comfy sleeping accommodations that American hotels do, at least not the ones we got to stay in. When we got to Paris, the second city on our tour, my momma and I got to sleep on a pad on the floor.  That was basically the trend for the rest of the trip. I also got cussed out in French and English by a Gypsy underneath the Eiffel Tower. We made the best of it. The point of my thoughts tonight isn't to tell you about Europe or cots. The last month since the Whole30 ended has been crazy. I've been incredibly busy, working late, meetings, traveling, I have felt a little out of control. I'm not getting the results I want. And I'm approaching my 31st birthday, fast, and I was hoping this year would have been a lot different.

Monday, on my way back to Nashville, I got a flat tire. I text my boss to let her know, and she's great about being supportive and understanding that life......happens. At one point I said, "if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all". Which I feel has been true at times. Her reply "oooooo, reframe".

I have been thinking about this journey to being healthy in the absolute wrong way. The entire time. I look at the failures, not my successes. I am also guilty of absolute thinking; black, white, no gray. I either am successful or I've failed. There isn't a "trying" stage for me.

I know I haven't gained weight, I've gone down a full size. I am still making it to the gym, just not when I want to. I have  some exciting career things going on. This is not another damn cot, or bad luck. This is just now, not what will be.

I may be old, but at least I'm not like all those other old guys...

Whole30 Completed.