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you don't save lives through laws

this last week has been completely life engaging. seems like a quick turn around from my entry last week. on thursday, i went with my friend jodie to visit some strip clubs in nashville and figure out which ones we were going to begin outreach. we didn't go in any of them. we parked and talked, prayed, and discussed what reactions we had once we were in the lot.

two clubs gave us really heavy feelings right away and we knew that's where we are going to start. going back next week to start talking to guys at the doors. baby steps to get inside and start talking to the girls.

this outreach isn't about anything other than building relationships.

you don't save lives through laws, you save them through hearts.

don't worry, i'm not dusting off my cape and getting a theme song. one thing i have learned in my career as a therapist is to treat people like they're human and that they matter. that's what i'm planning to do here. i want the people at this club to feel like people care, that they're of value.

for the first time in a very long time i looked forward to friday. i'm not suicidal or anything. usually though, another work day looms over me like a bad secret. over the last six months, i haven't been happy in my job. i'm fighting a giant i just can't beat. i want to be in a place that really values and cares about people that they serve. where i am doesn't. simply doesn't.

i've applied for a job at a place in nashville that i enjoy volunteering for and pushing this project as rescyou forward. i'm not going to spend 2015 fighting a battle that leaves me dead. i'm going to fight the battle that makes me feel alive.

the world needs more people that are alive.

when i woke up on friday, i was so happy and energized. I was excited to get ready for the day and tackle my day. going into this weekend, i have been so excited. i can't wait until next week. i know it's going to be trying and a struggle. and i'm okay that. i'm not ready for it, and i'm not going to act like i am. i'm terrified.

however, every thing feels so real now. people have asked about me going back to india..and that feels like a truth now. but so are other places. i'm excited and ready to tackle an obstacle. whatever happens.

be 100%

do over